Thursday, 7 December 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing Somraw Raptor class builds

The Raptor class is a small scout ship, but can be useful in combat.  So what can you build with this ship?
As typical of Klingon ships it is very manoeuvrable and nimble, with its come about. It is a cheap ship, but is not that survivable with only 5 hit points, and non cloak.  You only get 3 actions on the bar, evade target lock and scan.  For captains I have taken the Somraw Commander, he allows you to throw more dice at range 3 for the cost of an auxiliary token making it a useful long range sniper ship.  Which with the ships ability of converting battle stations to evade staying at long range is good as ti gives you more evades.

for his elite talent.....

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Battlefront 7.5cm IeIG18 gun platoon for Flames of War unboxing and review

I have been looking to add a cheap platoon to my Flames of War German force for a while to expand them, and get my list right.  Looking at the optins i found this..... a cheap platoon, with some dual purpose guns.  a fairly respectable 9 anti tank, though short ranged at 16 inches, and also capable of an artillery bombardment.  A pair of guns, command team and observer can be yours for around the 65 points mark, maybe less or more depending on its and training, but I  think its a bargain for such a versatile little unit that can direct fire at tanks with good at and a firepower 3 plus, can bombard yes its only a firepower 6 up so killing will be hard, but you can pin, and of course it can fire smoke! so its incredibly useful in game.
Development of the gun began in 1927, by Rheinmetall. The crew was protected by an armoured shield. There was a mountain gun variant, the 7.5 cm le.GebIG 18. For transport, the mountain variant could be broken down into six to ten packs, the heaviest weighing 74.9 kg. The Germans would typically assign two of these to each mountain battalion.

Six 7.5 cm le.IG 18F were manufactured in 1939. These were airborne guns, capable of being broken down into four 140 kg loads. The airborne variant had smaller wheels and no shield. There was also an infantry support gun, known as the 7.5 cm Infanteriegesch├╝tz L/13, which was designed as a replacement for the le.IG 18, this gun could be broken into four to six loads. However, though prototypes were tested, the German army felt that it did not improve on the existing design sufficiently to merit introduction and the army stayed with the earlier gun.  It served until the end of the war, and though the most potent gun, had its uses as a support weapon.

The Blister gives you enough for a pair of guns with crew, a command team, and an observer team as well, with all the relevant bases.

Lets take a look in the blister..........

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Zvezda Panther A 1/100 15mm tank unboxing and review

Zvezda do make some great models you can use for 15mm gaming and ytou flames of war force, true they make some.. interesting kits too, but usually for the price of around 3 pounds they are ok, and pretty good for what you pay.  So lets lets look at their Panther model, which is m favourite German tank of WW2
 As always its really nice cover art on the little kits, but there is a problem... once more they are displaying the wrong mark panther on the cover compared to the one in the box!

 Notice on the back where you see the kit built it doe snot include the same MG mount on the hull. It is the letterbox mount which was a flap that opened, and this occurred on Panther Ds and only early panther As, so its a little irksome, and i wish they would have art that reflects the contents.  Though its only really going to matter to a grognard, as a panther is a panther to me, and i am sure there where plenty of these older marks a the end of the war still fighting, being pulled out of training units etc.

The Panther was a German medium tank deployed during World War II on the Eastern and Western Fronts in Europe from mid-1943 to its end in 1945. It had the ordnance inventory designation of Sd.Kfz. 171. Until 27 February 1944, it was designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther when Hitler ordered that the Roman numeral "V" be deleted. Contemporary English language reports sometimes refer to it as the Mark V.
The Panther was intended to counter the Soviet T-34 and to replace the Panzer III and Panzer IV. Nevertheless, it served alongside the latter and the heavier Tiger I until the end of the war. It is considered one of the best tanks of World War II for its excellent firepower and protection. Its reliability was less impressive.

 Panther was a compromise. While having essentially the same engine as the Tiger I, it had more efficient frontal hull armour, better gun penetration, was lighter and faster, and could traverse rough terrain better than the Tiger I. The trade-off was weaker side armour, which made it vulnerable to flanking fire. The Panther proved to be effective in open country and long range engagements, but did not provide enough high explosive firepower against infantry.
The Panther was far cheaper to produce than the Tiger I, and only slightly more expensive than the Panzer IV. Key elements of the Panther design, such as its armour, transmission, and final drive, were simplifications made to improve production rates and address raw material shortages. The overall design remained somewhat over-engineered. The Panther was rushed into combat at the Battle of Kursk despite numerous unresolved technical problems, leading to high losses due to mechanical failure. Most design flaws were rectified in the German retreat, though the bombing of production plants, increasing shortages of high quality alloys for critical components, shortage of fuel and training space, and the declining quality of crews all impacted the Type's effectiveness.

So lets take a look at the kit....

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

E-Wing ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

In the Rebel ship yards today we look at the best options for the Ewing, only using the cards that come in the pack, and what role she can perform.  This is a tough one, as the Ewing is a bit of a jack of all trades, and master of none, but there are some useful options.....

Here are the cards, so lets have a look and see what we can do.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Counterblast Neiran faction starter set unboxing and review.

COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game, is a great fun pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for 28-32mm miniatures. COUNTERBLAST takes place in a setting of classic pulp sci-fi adventure with fast paced action and cinematic thrills, evocative of the serials that captivated the imagination of previous generations.
Today we take a quick look at the Neiran faction starter set.
Build your own galactic empire in the name of the Firstmother! Each Neiran core set will include: 1 Neiran Jamad, 1 Neiran Acolyte, 1 Neiran Clansister with longrifle, and 1 Neiran Scythesister.
All models come unpainted and may require assembly.

The models look beautiful painted, so lets take a look at the pack....